About Us

Transparent Learning, Inc. was founded in 2009 by experts in patient safety, transparency and education. Transparent Learning's mission is to improve patient care outcomes by delivering innovative and emotionally engaging education programs in patient safety, disclosure and related areas.

Transparent Learning designs, develops, and delivers innovative patient safety and quality improvement educational programs to healthcare providers and patients. Through the company’s educational programs, its mission is to improve patient care outcomes by addressing current gaps in health science, graduate, undergraduate, and consumer education. Transparent Learning expands the knowledge of all healthcare providers and patients through outcome-based educational programs that reduce medical errors, lower risk, and improve patient care outcomes.

Transparent Learning’s initiatives focus on delivering education programs that move clinicians from viewing patient safety issues as an “add-on” to their already weighty and unwavering responsibilities to a critical component of patient care. Our programs accomplish this through artful instructional design of experience-based quality and patient safety expertise, delivered in a way that improves clinician confidence.

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