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“The Faces of Medical Error…From Tears to Transparency”
An award-winning, multi-part educational video series produced by Transparent Health®

In May 2009, the Consumers Union Safe Patient Project gave the U.S. a failing grade on progress toward reducing the estimated 100,000 deaths caused each year by preventable medical harm. That’s 10 years after the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report “To Err Is Human.” According to the Consumers Union report, over a million deaths have occurred during that time.

It’s time to bring new tools to the many efforts already underway to reduce medical error through patient safety education. “The Faces of Medical Error…From Tears to Transparency” is a multi-part educational video series that puts a face on medical error in a way that caregivers, hospital administrators, risk managers, educators, policymakers and consumers can all relate to on an emotional level—the key to behavior change. The series addresses learning from medical error as well as the importance of transparency and disclosure in dealing with error when it occurs.

Whether you are launching a new patient safety program or supplementing an existing initiative, “From Tears to Transparency” will capture attention and add value to your patient safety program. Programs in the series challenge viewers to analyze and reflect upon what went wrong, where their own systems may be vulnerable, how to improve care within their system and how to effectively address errors when they do occur.

Each DVD is accompanied by a CD filled with high-value educational resources, including a PowerPoint file of support materials to help facilitate the video, supplementary video when appropriate, learning objectives and reference materials related to the topics covered in the video.

From board chairs to front-line staff, “From Tears to Transparency” is designed to meet the needs of a broad audience including:

Videos in the Series

"The Story of Lewis Blackman"

“The Story of Lewis Blackman” chronicles the experience of a vibrant, healthy 15-year-old who entered the hospital for what was believed to be a low-risk medical procedure. He died several days later as the result of a series of medical errors. Through the thought-provoking insights of a number of leading voices in patient safety education—including Lucian Leape MD, Tim McDonald MD, JD, Bob Galbraith MD, David Mayer MD, Rosemary Gibson and Lewis’ mom, Helen Haskell—viewers are taken through all aspects of Lewis’ care.

This multiple award-winning program artfully combines a thorough review of the case with a deeply emotional narrative that challenges viewers to look at the care they give in a new light. The program touches on many aspects of safety and transparency including night and weekend care, training levels of caregivers and disclosure.

"The Story of Michael Skolnik"

In “The Story of Michael Skolnik,” viewers are compelled to rethink the critical role that shared decision-making and informed consent play in patient safety and transparency. This emotionally engaging program tells the story of Michael Skolnik, an intelligent, compassionate young man who died at age 25 after a three-year ordeal following brain surgery. Michael’s parents, Patty and David Skolnik, are joined by industry visionaries who together challenge viewers to consider how fully informed consent, true shared decision-making, and open and honest communication can change outcomes, how it could have changed the outcome for Michael, can change outcomes for countless others, and in the process reduce risk for institutions and the dedicated providers who care so deeply.

Industry luminaries Harlan Krumholz MD, Rick Boothman JD, Peter Angood MD, and Rosemary Gibson present powerful new ways to elevate the importance of informed consent and shared decision-making for all who are committed to providing true patient-centered care.

What the Experts Are Saying

“”From Tears to Transparency: The Story of Lewis Blackman” is an exceptional resource not only to meet the face and voice of harm but also to learn from experts how to create the culture to prevent it.”
James Conway, Senior Vice President, The Institute for Healthcare Improvement

“This is the most powerful educational film in health care that I have ever watched...”
Rosemary Gibson, Author

“This film should be in the tool box of everyone involved in the care of patients."
Helen Haskell, Mother of Lewis Blackman, Founder, Mothers Against Medical Error, Co-Founder, The Empowered Patient Coalition

“This is a rare film that pulls at the heart and enters the soul…”
Michael L. Millenson, Health care consultant and Author

“‘…Lewis Blackman’ works to disarm the reflexive defensiveness of clinicians and administrators and make room for some genuine soul-searching."
Modern Healthcare

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