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Patient safety focuses on the avoidance, prevention, and amelioration of adverse outcomes or injuries caused by the processes of providing patient care. It is fundamental to healthcare practice and is a common goal of all health science professionals. The Institute of Medicine (IOM), in a series of landmark reports on the current state of healthcare in the United States, called for a complete overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system as one pathway to transforming the healthcare system. One of the major areas highlighted by the IOM was the need for patient safety and quality improvement training for healthcare providers, residents, and health science students. The IOM specifically called for “restructuring clinical education to be consistent with the principles of the 21st century health system throughout the continuum of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education for medical, nursing, and other professional training programs.”

Different from current online educational courses and continuing educational (CE) offerings, Transparent Learning’s programs incorporate highly effective and proven learning methodologies, adult-learning applications, individual and system-specific educational outcomes, and demonstrated mastery of knowledge. Using state-of-the-art online technology, the company delivers best-in-class training and educational programs to healthcare systems, healthcare providers, patients, health science students, and residents-in-training.

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