Organizations We Support

Transparent Learning, Inc. is proud to support
the following organizations dedicated to patient safety

Mothers Against Medical Error is a network of patients and patient safety advocates specializing in education for patients and support for those who have suffered medical injury. Since 2002, MAME has worked to promote collaboration in the consumer patient safety community and has served as an advocate for policies to promote a transparent, patient-centered healthcare system that includes full disclosure and reconciliation following medical harm.

The Empowered Patient Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an unprecedented level of information, resources and educational support to the public. The Coalition is committed to promoting a culture of transparency, meaningful interaction and active participation that will allow patients and their advocates to assume a greater role in improving the safety and the quality of their health care. In addition, the Coalition provides many excellent free resources for patients, families and caregivers. Click here to visit the Publications web page.


Partnership for Patient Safety® is a patient-centered initiative to advance the reliability of healthcare systems worldwide. p4ps® initiates focused partnerships and joint ventures with organizations and individuals that share its core values and objectives of achieving a healthcare system that is authentically patient-centered and systems based.

Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) is a consumer-led nonprofit organization formed to be a collective voice for individuals, families and healers who wish to prevent harm in healthcare encounters through partnership and collaboration. CAPS is committed to exploring and contributing the wisdom and experience that consumers can offer to patient safety research, education of both consumers and providers, reporting of bad outcomes and near misses, development and implementation of solutions that can prevent harm, and policy making that will help create healthcare systems that are safe, compassionate and just.

The National Patient Safety Foundation® is an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been diligently pursuing one mission since its founding in 1997–to improve the safety of the healthcare system for the patients and families it serves. NPSF is unwavering in its determined and committed focus on uniting disciplines and organizations across the continuum of care, championing a collaborative, inclusive, multi-stakeholder approach.

Citizens for Patient Safety is a global grassroots organization. The agency builds alliances between and within diverse communities united in a common purpose by building bridges between consumers, the medical community, insurance and the legal community to improve the healthcare system and quality that patient's receive. In September 2009, Colorado Citizens for Accountability changed its name to Citizens for Patient Safety to reflect the organization’s growing range of services and scope.

Safer Healthcare specializes in the delivery of products and services supporting the development and sustainability of High Reliability Healthcare Organizations™ (HRHO's) in the healthcare industry. HRHO’s demonstrate exemplary track records of safety, efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Safer Healthcare’s training solutions have been purchased and implemented in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide. Safer Healthcare has implemented Crew Resource Management and High Reliability programs in over 100 hospitals globally.