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The company was founded by internationally known leaders in the patient safety and quality improvement education field–Timothy McDonald, MD JD, and David Mayer, MD–in partnership with Tom Brooksher and Deb Chromik, pioneers in applying Confidence-Based Learning™ and other advanced learning methodologies to healthcare.

davidDavid Mayer, MD is Associate Dean for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Medicine and Co-Executive Director for UIC’s Institute for Patient Safety Excellence. Dr. Mayer has been active in patient safety and healthcare risk reduction strategies throughout his professional career. As a member of senior leadership at Abbott Laboratories, he oversaw safety and quality assurance of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. More recently, he has spearheaded local, national, and international patient safety educational efforts and is the founder and chair for the Telluride, Colorado Invitational Roundtable on Designing Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes Health Science Curricula. Dr. Mayer co-founded Esurg Corporation, a technology-based medical and surgical supply company focused on the alternate site healthcare market. His leadership team signed over 20 key strategic partnerships and closed private equity funding from Polaris Venture Partners, Bank Boston Ventures, Bank of America Ventures, Cardinal Healthcare Ventures and strategic investments from Accenture and UPS. The company was sold to Henry Schein in 2006.

timTim McDonald, MD, JD is Chief Safety and Risk Officer for Health Affairs at the University of Illinois and Co-Executive Director for UIC’s Institute for Patient Safety Excellence. Dr. McDonald has practiced pediatric anesthesia in Chicago for the past nineteen years and currently serves as the Chief of Pediatric Anesthesiology at UIC. Dr. McDonald attended Loyola Law School as a full-time night student and received his JD degree in 1997. Following his graduation from Loyola Law School, Dr. McDonald began to work closely with the Department of Safety and Risk Management at UIC and was offered a series of progressively advancing positions with responsibilities including oversight of the investigation and management of all unexpected adverse patient events and responsibility and input into the management of the University’s medical malpractice activities. Dr. McDonald helped create the medical center’s comprehensive program for responding to adverse patient events that includes a “full disclosure with rapid apology and rapid remedy” process.

Dr. McDonald established UIC Medical Center’s comprehensive program to prevent patient harm and to respond to adverse patient events that integrated the efforts of the departments of Patient Safety, Risk Management, Quality, and Physician Credentialing. Together, Drs. Mayer and McDonald established the University’s medical error “full disclosure” program that includes major inter professional education, training, legal, financial, and patient advocacy components.

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