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Confidence-Based Learning™

Transparent Learning has partnered with Knowledge Factor (KF), the only educational company in the world that delivers online mastery of knowledge allowing learners to perform well with confidence. KF does this through its patented Confidence-Based Learning™ (CBL) System, an online program that isolates, measures, and remediates misinformation and doubt in learners before these educational weaknesses result in mistakes on the job. Other beneficial outcomes of CBL include the establishment of useful benchmarks for learning and–compared to traditional learning methods–the achievement of mastery of knowledge in a fraction of the time and the retention of knowledge about 7 to 10 times longer. Confidence-Based Learning™ also generates reports that characterize individual and group performance based on learner confidence.

The CBL System is the culmination of more than 70 years of research as well as decades of collaboration among some of the nation's leading educational authorities. Until his passing in July 2006, Dr. James Bruno, Professor of Education and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), was an active participant in the development of CBL at Knowledge Factor. It was primarily his distinguished work in the measurement of knowledge and confidence, combined with years of research into the linkage between knowledge, confidence, retention, and behavior, that led to the creation of the CBL System.
CBL Model
The CBL methodology allows organizations to examine the quality of learner knowledge based on misinformation (high confidence yet wrong), unknowns (areas where the learner needs to learn the material), doubt (partial knowledge in which the learner knows something about the material but is unsure), and then mastery (the learner has high confidence and is correct about the knowledge). It is the examination or self-assessment of the learner’s state of knowing and the confidence in that knowledge that provides continuous feedback based on how the learner has answered each question in the process. Each question is evaluated to ensure that the learner is making progress through the learning process. This is the “path to mastery,” in which the learner achieves a state of 100% correctness, 100% confidence, and 100% mastery of the material.

In helping the learner achieve a state of mastery, the reporting feature tracks the progress of the learner through the entire process. It is the first state, or first iteration in learning, that is one of the most important states for healthcare organizations to know. How much misinformation exists within the organization that it is unaware of? By looking at the reporting feature and analyzing how each question was first answered in the CBL process, Transparent Learning is able to determine from the reports how informed or misinformed the healthcare learner is. While the individual learner needs to understand where they have misinformation so they can target those educational gaps and learn the material, it is also very important for healthcare organizations to know where the misinformation or educational gaps are in their organizations so they can be targeted and addressed.

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Transparent Learning’s initial Introduction to Patient Safety CBL modules were shown to be 15-20% more effective than traditional learning techniques when knowledge acquisition was assessed in a randomized, double-blinded, cross-over study with first year medical students at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine.

View/Download UIC Case Study (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
“A Comparison of the Confidence-Based Learning™ Methodology to Traditional Learning Methodologies on the Patient Safety Knowledge of First-Year Medical Students” by David Mayer MD

The Confidence-Based Learning System is a patent of Knowledge Factor, Inc. (U.S. Patent #6,921,268)

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