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may 18, 2010
"The Story of Lewis Blackman” NOW AVAILABLE IN PAY-PER-VIEW option

In collaboration with Partnership for Patient Safety® (p4ps®), Transparent Learning, Inc. is proud to offer the groundbreaking, award-winning film, "The Story of Lewis Blackman," in a unique pay-per-view (PPV) experience. The PPV version delivers the entire film as seen on the DVD. Visitors to the p4ps web site ( can order the Lewis Blackman PPV version for 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 on-demand viewings.

Based on the needs of the audience, the PPV option can be extremely practical and cost-effective. It lets hospitals, educators and others interested in patient safety offer viewings to members of their teams on demand, anywhere and at any time; watch it immediately after placing the order, with no waiting for a DVD to be shipped; instantly access the video in locations without a DVD player; control the video easily with play, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind functions; and stop the video and pick it up again at any time, up to one year later.

"The Story of Lewis Blackman" chronicles the experience of a vibrant, healthy 15-year-old boy who entered the hospital for what was believed to be a low-risk medical procedure; he died several days later as the result of a series of medical errors. The film was produced to help teach the practices and principles necessary to reduce preventable harm by putting a face on errors in a way that caregivers, hospital administrators, risk managers, educators, policymakers, and consumers can all relate to on an emotional level—the key to sustainable behavior change. It also teaches the value of disclosure and transparency.

" The Story of Lewis Blackman" was produced by Transparent Health®, a group of healthcare practitioners, educators, and safety experts dedicated to the prevention of harm that results from medical care. Through the eyes of patient safety experts such as Lucian Leape, MD, Bob Galbraith, MD, and author Rosemary Gibson, as well as Tim McDonald, MD, JD and David Mayer, MD of Transparent Health®, the film addresses educational milestones necessary to produce change in the way medical error is managed. Helen Haskell, patient advocate and Lewis Blackman's mother, also shares her family’s story over the course of Lewis' five-day hospital stay so that others will not suffer similar tragic outcomes.

About Transparent Learning
Transparent Learning, Inc. was founded in 2009 by experts in patient safety, transparency and education, Transparent Learning’s mission is to improve patient care outcomes by delivering innovative and emotionally engaging education programs in patient safety, disclosure and related areas. To accomplish this, Transparent Learning designs, develops, delivers, and assesses innovative outcomes-based educational programs throughout the care continuum.

About Partnership for Patient Safety®
Partnership for Patient Safety® is a patient-centered initiative to advance the reliability of healthcare systems worldwide. p4ps® initiates focused partnerships and joint ventures with organizations and individuals that share our core values and objectives of achieving a healthcare system that is authentically patient-centered and systems based.

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